Supaku” means “spark”. It’s the spark that launches your best health, your vitality and the recuperation of your best self. Are you prepared to make it happen again?

Have you heard of macrotrends?

Think about digital technology. It isn’t a revolution. Revolutions always return where they began. It is an evolution, an upward trend that cannot be stopped. Those who do not adapt will be cut out – and many have already lost their job to a robot.

Think about fitness. 50-60 years ago only athletes used to train seriously. Tech and automation gave us more comfort and convenience, but also endless health issues which made Western societies re-think their patterns. That’s why exercise has been re-descovered and adapted to our times by integral gym clubs, PTs, new modalities, scientific training and so on.

Think about ecology. If we carry on carelessly like we used to do when there were 2 billion people on the planet, we’ll surely wipe our own species out. Hence the new conscience about health, climate change, the seas, pollution, medications and drugs, intensive farming and the exploitation of the planet’s resources, sustainability and more.

And think about diet and nutrition. Since the 50s we’ve acquired more and more comfort and profit. Super-tasty foods, loads of added substances, fast and industrial food preparation, eating pre-cooked or microwaved, feeding on stuff prepared by others often swallowing it in a hurry while walking. Hence the new conscience about what we put inside our bodies. But, is there true knowledge about it or we just follow hearsay and what the media tell us?

Among such macrotrends dietetics is the most important. Why? Because it concerns your own health and when you are sick nobody suffers on your behalf.