Valentina Luminati

I am a thirty-year old woman holding a nursing degree from Switzerland. Having worked in several wards in different hospitals I acquired considerable experience.

More than ten years ago, when I was a practising nurse while raising my newly-born baby alone I wondered what would be of me when I would reach 30. I dreaded the perspective of a flat predictable life. I wanted to put my limits to the test. I pulled my motivation and strengths together and decided to give my life-style a radical turn. I joined a kick-boxing gym. I started from scratch, without having ever set foot once in a gym and totally out of shape, and I fell in love with my new discipline embracing it full immersion.

I had the privilege to find an excellent teacher from the beginning, which spared me wasting precious time. I always felt privileged because my coach put all his knowledge to my avail and not just his sports skills but most also his therapeutic knowledge. I was coached with the support of psychoanalysis, NLP, Buteyko breathing for sport and a crucial personalized diet.

My coach believed in my passion. He supported me regardless of my circumstances. In ten years of competitive sport culminated in the semi-pro division, I have seen, heard and felt many things and cannot say that there is another coach of his level. Someone who gives a young mother the opportunity to access a very difficult and selective world. I wish to add that, before meeting him, other instructors, coaches and trainers, seeing my excess of weight and that I could not lift my leg above knee height, simply and quickly shut their doors without giving me the slimmest chance. Only he believed in me and in my motivation.

When the gym closed during the summer recess he accepted my request to keep on  training in the woods since he could see that I was giving it all out and was growing by the day.

He had something different from all the other professionals: he coached me scientifically and with great psychological insight. He knew how to motivate me when the going went rough. In my coach I had a psychologist, a nutritionist, a doctor and a coach in one person, affording me a 360º preparation.

After the summer recess, on my first competition I won the Italian championship, then another tournament and then a second place in the European title, the British championship and finally the World title. My journey into the universe of well-being and health that today sees me here, began with that first Italian victory.

Through this journey my coach and I joined up together and moved from Switzerland to England. He is now my husband, besides being my coach, and we work together in the wonderful world of health and Self-wellness, the challenging and fantastic journey that makes you healthy and strong thanks to your own abilities.

When I arrived in England I was not too keen on continuing working as a nurse. Instead, we began to deepen our researches in PREVENTION through the EMO-diet method, inspired by the magnificent work of Dr. Piero Mozzi on diet and nutrition according to the blood type (hemo = blood). This new approach brought about impressive changes in the whole of my family as well as in everyone who adopted it, with great important results even in high sports ranks. It was precisely during this period when I easily won the British championship and three weeks later the World title.

Deepening even more in this type of nutrition we decided to create an online course with cards and tables which also include guidelines extracted from traditional Chinese medicine.

In the light of the excellent results obtained in several fields, such as weight loss, improvement of breathing, heightening of physical or sport performances, and having already helped various friends with their health issues, I am concentrating now in working with people who not only want to shed weight but also have some pathology that does not respond to conventional treatments in spite of partial successes. And especially with those who are tired of taking lots of medications and are looking for a viable alternative. Our method is an alternative and even a complement, but most of all it has no negative side-effects, detoxifies, and is also economic.