Dr. Marc Boillat Sartorio

I am a State authorized complementary therapist with a broad trail and specialisation.

  • University diploma in Academic Medicine in scientific conventional medicine.
  • Qualified in therapeutic Qi Gong
  • Specialization in nutrition according to the blood-types. My latest book “La Chispa de la Salud” (Editorial Alas, in Spanish) deals with dietetics, respiration and movements.
  • Qualified Instructor in Buteyko breathing rehabilitation
  • TFH (Kinesiology) and regeneration of channels, by Belgian doctor Stanny Lansloot.
  • Psychoanalyst and Other Centred psychotherapist.
  • Autism
  • Diploma in NLP.
  • Teacher of Mindfulness.
  • Professional sport coach.

Qi Gong is the energetic-physical aspect of Chinese Medicine. The sequences of therapeutic Qi Gong are based on supple, harmonious and specific movements for the health of organs and systems. Qi Gong includes massages, phytotherapy and dietetics. It is an excellent preventative and curative tool.

I teach martial, therapeutic and meditative Qi Gong and Tai Chi Chuan. I formed students for 30 years, written articles and books on the subject.

Based on my knowledge of medicine, but most of all by observing the incredible effects of the blood-type diet, I adopted it myself. I then successfully integrated the correct personal diet with Buteyko breathing re-education in my method. The correct diet together with the scientific knowledge of breathing yields to astounding results.




Other Centred psychotherapy is a therapeutic model stemming from the application of the millennial Buddhist psychology. I verified that it has a great effectiveness even in addictions, depression, neurosis, panic and anxiety, anger management.

Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) gives me a further vantage-point with a view to facilitate wholesome changes of thought and behaviour.

I worked for seven years and specialized in autism with various levels of behavioural issues, especially in challenging behaviour obtaining excellent results and recognitions. It has been a rewarding experience which has enriched my understanding of the psychological world, inter-personal interactions and human behaviour.




As a sport coach and teacher of Mindfulness, I lead passionate people to crown their sports dream at high levels from scratch.

My method consists of supporting and teaching how to strengthen motivation, structuring the body biomechanics, perfectly nourishing the organism according to its characteristics and taking the respiratory function to its maximum effectiveness. All of this according to scientific knowledge.

I coached Valentina towards all her victories thanks to the same proven scientific method that I apply in therapy and prevention.