We are a couple of professionals dedicated to Self-wellness, health and prevention. Valentina is an experienced nurse formed and qualified in Switzerland. She is specialized in nutrition and fitness with emphasis on the biomechanically correct movement. She is a high level athlete having been Italian, British and World champion in her speciality. Valentina knows the biomechanics of an efficient body and its musculoskeletal alignment to perfection with the goal of a physiologically correct movement for the best results with minimum effort.

Marc is an experienced sport coach with excellent results who has been himself a sport champion at high level. He coached Valentina for all of her victories. Marc applies a scientific method in order to increase athletes’ strength, awareness, capacity of recovery and general optimal oxygenation for the achievement of performances beyond limits.

Marc is a complementary therapist qualified in Academic Medicine and Therapeutic Qi Gong .

He is an experienced psychoanalyst and Other Centred psychotherapist besides being a certified NLP practitioner.

He is a teacher of Mindfulness, a psycho-physical model with amazing results on the overall health of the body-mind complex.

Marc is a Buteyko Breathing Rehabilitation Instructor.