I practise anti-tension massage. The most vulnerable areas are the back, neck and shoulders, places of very important reflex points. Many issues start precisely as a result of tensions in the neck (cervical), which often go together with mandibular stiffness (ATM) or pain/stiffness in the shoulders and arms. Others concern the lumbar or thoracic region or the whole of the back. As a Shiatsu saying puts it “if you want to treat 100 ailments start from the back”.

I have done this activity for many years for top competitive athletes and clients in PT gaining thus a considerable experience. For the purpose, I use Qi Gong massage of Chinese origin but not only that. I also use the Genesen® technique, which gives excellent results in a relatively short time. This Korean method is based on acupuncture principles although without penetration of the skin (non invasive). It can be applied as a painkiller method directly on damaged zones, like in the case of tendinitis.

This integrative method can eliminate pain and foster recovery of back flexibility.