We inform, form, train and monitor our clients so that they learn how to correct attitudes and health issues of different nature by working on the correct use of their own organism. You will learn to know it, love it and treat it well according to its original genetic design.

It is not about embracing credos, but about acting knowing what you are doing. It’s about being aware of whether you are ill-treating your body or caring for yourself. It is about choosing what you want to do once you have acquired the right information. There is no need to convince anyone. Just put it to the test yourself. After a couple of weeks the benefits will be appreciable without any unpleasant side-effect.

It is the way of eating according to one’s blood type. What benefits your organism is written in your DNA, which is precisely reflected in your blood type.

By means of the emodiet together with the experimental wisdom of the Oriental medicine you will become skillful at changing harmful patterns and habits.

What you introduce into your body is central. To randomly ingest substances just for habit or taste without taking into consideration your own characteristics will surely have serious effects in time.

You will also learn how to combine foods in order to obtain the best from your nutrition.

The right foods work like brand new spare parts for your body; the wrong foods and combinations work like toxins for the whole of your internal equilibrium.

Not only will the Self-wellnes diet keep your weight perfectly in check without sacrifices but – what matters the most – it will eliminate all the silent sources of inflammation that eventually turn into sudden illnesses.

Have you ever been on diets without obtaining any long-term results apart from feeling weak and irritable? The reason lies in their alimentary unbalance. Deprivation of foods or observing complex rituals isn’t balance but a useless journey. It is not what the body needs. It is just beliefs and trends.

The right weight, strength and vitality are the effect of a balanced nutrition based on one’s genetic design. A generalized standard balanced nutrition is just wishful imagination.

The Self-wellness diet will maintain your perfect weight (BMI) while affording you energy without sacrifices. But the most important feature is that the Self-wellness program eliminates all those silent sources of inflammation which will emerge in sudden diseases.

Together with the right diet, breathing is a fundamental chapter.

We use the Buteyko method of breathing correction and rehabilitation. The target is to bring this vital function back within its optimal parameters and to eliminate the extremely dangerous hyperventilation (over-breathing), which is the cause of several treacherous conditions.

When you over-breath all the equilibrium in your organism gets altered. In the long run various diseases appear or those already underway worsen.

Once breathing has been rehabilitated you will experience more than evident astonishing effects in your quality of life and state of health.

A dysfunctional breathing can easily have a negative impact on the psychological aspect, on your mood and behaviour and on your intellectual performance. For this reason breathing rehabilitation is beneficial for psychotherapeutic aims too.

We also offer psychotherapy or coaching in individual sessions or via Skype.



These are very effective hygienic models that help us keep in good health throughout our life.

We offer seminars and personalized courses ranging from martial to meditative or therapeutic Qi Gong according to our clients’ requirements.

Correct diet and breathing are effective in psychotherapy too.

Diet and respiration work in feedback. The more one aspect improves the more the other betters too. This leads to a maximum organic and mental functionality and facilitates the dismantling of perverse  habit-patterns. It can lead to radical changes in attitude and behaviour.

Beyond the treatment of various diseases, prevention remains the main objective, for it includes how to fend off illnesses, to nip them in the bud, to stay strong, healthy and youthful as well as to delay the signs and symptoms of ageing.

Years of study and research, in addition to the fundamental direct testing of therapies, techniques and methods, have led us to an approach on optimal health which can be summarized as how to remain vital and active through the passing of time. It is rather sad to be healthy and strong only during the ephemeral phase of youth.

We have amply verified that the fundamental pillars of a healthy living structure are:

  • Correct diet and respiration supported by

  • An adequate constant muscular activity.

This is a scientific fact.

The deterioration of just one of these three aspects can demolish the whole of the organism.

We advise a way to exercise that is effective and doable by different people with different needs and conditions.

We pay particular attention to bodily alignments, gait and other details in order to avoid/prevent backaches, joint and muscular pain, as well as the premature wearing off of the joints, which would limit the vital moment even more. A lack of movement negatively bears upon the circulatory, digestive and respiratory systems as well as on the metabolism in general.

  • Exercise keeps the elasticity of the lungs and reduces breathlessness;

  • Exercise makes the heart stronger and lowers the blood pressure;

  • It increases the strength and endurance of muscles making it easier to move more. It also reduces joint pain;

  • Exercise makes stronger bones;

  • It boosts the immune system;

  • It helps keep good mood thanks to the production of endorphins.

We want to teach you how to re-structure and to recover the posture of your youth. We want to help you achieve an effective plan of exercise according to your needs. Our training plan is gradual, complete and personalized, whether in sports terms or for mere wellness and aesthetics. The so-called fitness must be seen as a life insurance policy of health, must be feasible and must have long-term effects. It is wrong to perceive fitness as something contingent to temporary goals such as mere aesthetic. The beauty of a fit body is a secondary necessary effect of a healthy metabolism and, therefore, of an efficient organism.

We want to help you rediscover a life full of beans, pleasure and vitality like when you were young. But in time, and with the obligations and worries of adulthood, you displaced your precious ally – your movement – onto the backdrop. This was a serious mistake. Correct and continuous muscular activity facilitates health and all your bodily functions. After many years spent ignoring this necessity it may be challenging to recover the habit and the pleasure of movement. The key is to do it adequately without harming yourself.

It is time that you recovered such a healthy habit because it is a genetic vital necessity of your body. It is time you treated yourself well, affording exercise the importance it deserves.

In order to correctly regain your good shape, we will elaborate your own personal exercise plan. It will be:

  • Doable – because it is not necessary to spend endless hours in a gym;

  • Enjoyable – because it will be designed in line with your characteristics;

  • Effective – because we’ll give you the keys in order to safely and steadily obtain progressive results.

With these aims in mind we afford you our vast sport experience and therapeutic knowledge for you to relish the vitality of the young with the experience of the adult that you are.