In our Self-wellness method the work on the mental aspect is indissoluble. “Mens sana in corpore sano” means that a healthy body led by a balanced strong mind can overcome unbelievable challenges.

With us you will get:                  The ingredients – The pattern – The steps – Some rules

Knowledge is the only thing that empowers you, gives you freedom and thrusts your motivation.

With the INGREDIENTS you’ll acquire the knowledge about something really, really important, if you love your health. Food is not just a natural and tasty “thing”. It’s molecules. We’re not asking you to study complex stuff. You just need to fully understand that what you put inside yourself isn’t just “bread”, for example, but an aggregate of molecules that changes according to the ingredients, the cooking method, preservatives and additives, as well as the combinations with other foods. All of this can either benefit you or harm you. You will learn which substances not to mix, which ones to keep well away from and which to treasure.

THE PATTERN is the means that will lead you to easily pinpoint what cures you and makes you feel good and what instead feeds your issues and conditions.

THE STEPS. Our method will show you simple, easy steps in order to change unhealthy patterns. Our program is designed to be fun, interesting, constructive and never boring.

A few RULES will give linearity to your new wholesome patterns and will allow you to verify beyond doubts that you are doing the right thing for your health.

As we’ll explain dealing with the “occasional slip”, if you follow our method the way we teach it, you’ll win even when you go wrong.

The Self-wellness program is appropriate for everyone, including the little ones and, with our support, you’ll always know what to do.

Worries and fear don’t solve problems. What is more, health flees when there’s fear.

You can find independent and objective information in my book La Chispa de la Salud (Editorial Alas; available in Amazon). You will find out many interesting things that are not disclosed and numerous dietary lies & ruses will crumble before your eyes. Only in Spanish for now.

When you are healthy and strong you:

  • Have more quality time and life to enjoy things with your beloved;

  • Can travel, move about and do things free from worries, difficulties and concerns;

  • Will turn stronger and stronger, you will be free from anxiety and will feel confident about yourself;

  • Will look much better and younger;

  • Will feel rewarded and gratified from within and outside;

  • Will be proud of yourself because…

  • all of this is totally your own merit, of your work and skills.