Our core concept is “to become aware of our unhealthy habits and to replace them with healthy ones”.

What you need to have is a strong desire to understand. The next step is to get informed. Then action comes, which will need a little bit of initial willpower. You can act healthily when you become aware of your behaviour towards your organism.

Willpower is the result of understanding what we are doing. If you really love your health and really want to feel well your willpower will be indestructible.

The final stage will be the great satisfaction in seeing how your new habits not only give you health and newly found joy in life, but also pleasure without sacrifices. This process of habit and attitude changing does not require endless times. In a couple of weeks you will begin to relish unforeseen horizons.

You will never miss your old stuff. You will simply feel it alien to you.

We provide our clients with personalized diets for their particular blood type. We base our program on the emo-diet (i.e. the blood type diet (hemo = blood). We spell Hemo without the “H” to underline the emphasis on emotions too), orthodox nutrition and notions of Oriental medicine. The colour of foods, the season and the place, the time of the day, along with other subjective criteria are all taken into consideration in order to achieve the best nutrition possible for the specific case. We aim at helping you become your own expert and a reference for your beloved ones.

We apply different models inspired to empirical medicine. This type of medicine is strongly personalized and is based on the proof of healthy effects on the person rather than on statistical and lab data.

We work on the main pillars of a strong health and immunity: correct physiological breathing patterns, correct nutrition and feeding habits according to one’s blood type, and correct movement and posture. These three areas can secure a strong health in spite of aging as they benefit and reflect on every system of the body.

The aim is the acquisition and maintenance of a strong health free from illnesses for as long as possible. Our work applies a totally personalized approach.

Thanks to the individualized work on the three pillars of a solid health, we help you strengthen your most valuable asset: your immunity, which is reflected in correct respiration, correct diet, habits and nutrition, and adequate physical activity sustained by anatomically correct postures.

We want to help you replace pathological and destructive habits by wholesome patterns that guarantee health as well as the recovery of wellness, while reducing or eliminating the risks of dangerous diseases, such as diabetes or cardiovascular conditions among many others.

Diet, respiration and muscular activity can guarantee a strong state of health in spite of aging because they benefit and strengthen every organic system. As a result you will be healthy, strong and free from sickness for as long as possible. You will also know how to correct problems on the onset because you will know what’s going on.

The other aspect of this preventative approach concerns therapy and treatments.

We focus on digestion and nutrition; respiration and oxygenation; metabolism and movement. These are the life insurance of our immunity and health.

  • We work face to face

  • We work online

  • We give talk and seminars

  • We provide teaching and training

We train, inform, teach and support people about how to correct health problems of various nature. They may imply:

It is common for us to work with people who not only want to shed weight but also have some pathology that does not respond to conventional treatments in spite of partial successes. And especially with those who are tired of taking lots of medications and are looking for a viable alternative. Our method is an alternative and even a complement, but most of all it has no negative side-effects, detoxifies, and is also economic.