You choose the Self-wellness program because it works.

We are not selling you a course… we give you support and follow-up until you can take off on your own. It is an integrated service. We like to promise because we know that our method works, because we know that if you follow it as we pass it onto you, you will regain health and vitality.

The program is thought out and structured in small doable steps. Someone said, “The path is under your feet” (T. Deshimaru) and “A journey of one thousand Li begins with one step” (Lao Tzu).

Through small things achieved with perseverance you attain great results.

Each week you will focus on ONE new target. In this way, without anxiety or rush and with our support you will hit your goal, you will achieve what you always wanted to get. You will succeed and will become more aware of yourself. We will assist you in becoming your own expert.

All this is feasible without huge efforts or sacrifices, for you may always count on us and on our continuous support.

Our program is suitable for everyone.

In case of serious conditions this program will help your healing, while we will be by your side to offer you personalized advice.