Because the Self-wellness diet isn’t yet another slimming expedient. It is a dietary re-education to secure a vital healthy life.

The inconvenient of ordinary diets is that they can only be temporary. Their purpose is a defined goal, normally weight-loss, and cease when the purpose has been achieved. The reason for their temporariness is that they do not provide an adequate nutrition in the long run. After the diet the person reverts to their normal way of eating and the problem reappears. This is known as the accordion effect.

The Self-wellness diet works the other way round. It is the right and normal way to eat because it is coherent with the genetics of the person. The occasional self-indulgence is not the issue if you are healthy. Moreover in these moments the organism, which has been nourished adequately as a norm, will quickly show you the bad effects of certain foods on your health through symptoms and signs. Such fast warnings had been silenced for a long time by the insistence in eating in a harmful way which was undermining your health. This will make you more aware of the importance of what you swallow. The symptoms will tell you that: 1. The Self-wellness diet is the right approach in the long run 2. the ordinary and generalized dietary habits are the cause of many of your troubles.

Health equates with absence of inflammations and of the sources that facilitate it.

The Self-wellness diet does not establish dogmas about what is good for everybody. It just points to what is inflammatory for you.

It isn’t based on social, ecological or other beliefs, but on mere genetic and biological considerations. What does not benefit you should not be introduced into your stomach irrespective of ideological convictions or beliefs.

Feeding according to your blood type is to feed according to your genetic make-up. Your blood type will tell you what is beneficial to your health and what to keep well away from. To go against the genetic programme equates with securing serious problems which will appear sooner or later.

Nobody should force or indoctrinate anyone. The matter of fact is that everyone wants to keep away from doctors and illnesses as much as possible but, to this effect, we need to take responsibility. Each one of us is the maker of their health and we can help you become your own doctor. To this end information is important. Ultimately, if you fall sick nobody will suffer for you, not even if you acted according to the best intentions. It is a matter of choice.

Beyond data and notions, for as correct as they may be, what matters is how you feel, if your health improves and if you’re better than before. That’s it.

If you were overweight the Wellness diet will also make you shed the excess because, by balancing your diet, you won’t feel the need for extra calories that now satisfy everything but your nutrition. Your body will work as it was designed, giving you more and more satisfaction, energy, strength and vitality. You will recover the pleasure of movement and will awaken the motivation to break free from old limits self-imposed for years.

It is a matter of motivation, information, testing and seeing the results by yourself.

Changing dysfunctional habit-patterns of a life-time can be challenging and frustrating, especially with respect to the correct diet and breathing, considered as innate and unchanging functions.

For this reason we offer psychological coaching in order to ease the establishment of fresh and wholesome habits during the transitional phase.

See “psychotherapy and psychological coaching”.