We created the concept of Self-wellness diet after a trajectory of 10 years

After having verified its effects on ourselves we adopted it and decided to create a demonstrated integrated program. It is a way of eating based on the importance of the individual and of their constitutional characteristics embedded in their DNA. Your personal nutritional characteristics can be inferred from your blood type.

Our program is based on this approach and on conventional nutrition and complemented by the millennial experimental principles of Oriental medicine. These two aspects together of our program provide a precious input with a view to empower you govern your present and future health by becoming skilled at avoiding illnesses.

Last but not least we must emphasize how vital it is to associate nutrition and diet with a correct respiration. To this extent we advise Buteyko courses.

In order to firmly hold the rains of your present and future health, muscular movement will become your valuable ally. It is a precious treasure, a fundamental pillar of which we will be talking a lot that plays a staggering 70% in wellness.

With our Health Life Coaching integrated programs we will support you in all aspects of well-being and prevention.

The first step towards a health of steel is to become aware of that whatever you introduce in your body is of vital importance to your present and future health.

There are only 2 things that we introduce daily: air and food. They are the two things that end up into your bloodstream. Through the blood they get to all your cells. This is known.

You can imagine the damage you are causing to yourself when, oblivious, you swallow foods that are harmful for you or when you breath in a way to unchain hyperventilation. Have you got an idea of how many toxins we ingest through our diet? Over time, mysterious illnesses suddenly appear but their root cause is now out of sight and nobody thinks about it. As a result, even sick, we keep on feeding the original inflammation by means of a wrong diet and a faulty breathing… and the disease keeps going on.

Additionally, the necessary medications, which also have their side effects, arrive on the scene.

This is why prevention and information are so cardinal.

More often than not, a radical change in the diet is enough to defeat symptoms and diseases. The reason is that the cause of the inflammation gets eliminated.

The great good news is that with our program you can be your own expert by following clear and highly personalized programs. You will come to know how your body talks to you, you will understand what it is telling you. By knowing your personal biological format, you will be in the position to adjust your habits in a healthy way.


Self-wellness is an ancient quest and a concept according to which the individual, through their own actions, is the most indicated subject to take care of oneself and of one’s health. We are 100% responsible for our life.

This concepts has recently been re-discovered as a response to the global disenchantment towards the so-called pharmacological culture.

  • People are fed up with unintelligible detailed medical descriptions that say everything about nothing of endless illnesses.

  • People are tired of scientific fiascos when it comes to dealing with the causes of sickness.

  • People are fed up with taking medications knowing that they are just symptomatic or that, in the best scenario, they attack the invader but not the cause while carrying unpleasant side effects which may need other drugs.

  • People are no longer interested in the medical jargon and its descriptions.


  • People want to know how to keep their natural state of health and, should the case be, how to regain it without getting too intoxicated.

  • People are becoming aware that the answer lies in what we introduce into our bodies, that is to say food, the supreme medicine.

More concretely it is a correction of our alimentary balance based on the individual characteristics of a specific blood group. At the same time, considerations drawn from the Oriental medical science are also taken into account such as the season, the source and location, the colour, shape and taste of foods with reference to each organ and many other factors. The Self-wellness diet is a complete rehab. It is not a diet in the ordinary meaning of the word. It will teach you what is beneficial for your own organism, what is harmful, what to never mix, and what helps your body solve small and big issues while taking you to a balanced way of feeding that prods your health.

It is not based on general assumptions and universal protocols, but on the personal structure, needs, experience and results.

The reason is simple. We have carried out domiciliary consultations but there are various issues with this. There is logistics, the growing number of people interested in participating and this, in the long run, limits our ability and resources to reach everybody in person.

Conversely, this program allows us to help hundreds of people simultaneously so that we can provide everyone with the necessary support.

It is also possible to set up groups and organize face to face seminars.

A book is a theoretical and generic self-help instrument that cannot be personalized. This can exhaust one’s motivation. Weakening of motivation leads to indulgence… “oh it’s ok, I’ll do it tomorrow…”. Besides, you cannot ask a book questions. What is not obvious feeds more doubts.

Wholesome results need perseverance, which comes from motivation. Proactive work is better than lonely journeys (though there are exceptions) because there is the presence of those who know, those who have done the work before and know the hazards. They can answer our questions and dispel our doubts.

Therefore, while the program is totally personalized according to your constitution, it guarantees our direct support while you are doing it. It is a bit like the case of a personal trainer, although here the focus is on your healthy foods and correct nutrition.

This is the only system that guarantees tangible and durable effects.