Psychological coaching isn’t therapy. It is a joint-venture in which someone with experience, formation and skilled who has been there previously, helps you to do the journey towards emancipation from those mental fetters that keep you chained to ordinary dissatisfaction.

We use the psycho-dynamic model, NLP and the Other Centred approach according to the client’s preference or combined. The Other Centred model, resulting from the modern applied Buddhist psychology, aims at deconstructing unhealthy habit-patterns, which keep us tied to repeated behaviours, often acted out automatically or unconsciously.

We use a strategic dialogue with a specific goal: to bring our pathological or simply dysfunctional habit-patterns to evidence. The process of the Other Centred approach is to come to clearly see the core of our malaise. This is: our incessant and ever identical life-script, re-enacted every day.

Since the brain cannot be unconditioned, the countless conditioning factors to which we are exposed from childhood, such as societal, cultural or personal variables, end up in reactions that fortify habits, often inhibiting our personal, relational, professional or spiritual potential for growth, emancipation and creativity.

Conditioning is almighty. It made us believe in certain tenets and values, many of which are just dark, convenient lies, which have never worked for personal well-being in any era. One is pride, along with greed, self-conceit, hatred, and so on. Below every unnecessary conflict we can always find some of these seeds.

The problem is that through our early agreement to such untested tenets we created the storyboard of our own personal life-narrative. It is like an incessant, unchanging movie written, produced and directed by others in which we just act with the difference that movie actors don’t bear the consequences that actors in a real-life movie they haven’t chosen do. The viewing and reviewing of this trite tragic movie is the cause of our unhappiness, because we act the same story every day in the conviction that “this is me”. Is that true? No. everyone has the ability to spot this delusion, stop believing in it and to decide that they’ve had enough of that. Everyone can become the writer of their new script, the producer and the director, with the effect of deconstructing the old movie and replace it with a new one decided by you. Empowering lucid choice is the aim of the strategic dialogue in our coaching.

We aim at fostering psychological emancipation from habit-patterns in order to attain freedom from limiting automatic behaviours, empowering one as to their talents and potential. By becoming fully aware of our conditioned patterns embedded in the script of the personal narrative, we can unveil hidden capacities and new wholesome responses to the challenges of life.

The Other Centred model is also effective in case of addictions, anger management, impulsiveness, insecurity and in case of strongly embedded unhealthy habit-patterns resistant to change.

To know more about the modern Applied Buddhist Psychology, see my latest book “Siddharta Gautama, el Psicoanalista”, Ed. Alas, Barcelona.