We offer psychotherapy and coaching for mental well-being. We use the psychodynamic model, NLP and the Other Centred approach, according to the client’s preference or combined. The Other Centred model, resulting from the modern applied Buddhist psychology, aims at deconstructing unhealthy habit-patterns, which keep us tied to repeated behaviours, often acted out automatically or unconsciously.

The innumerable conditioning factors to which we are exposed from childhood, such as social, cultural or personal variables, end up in reactions that fortify habits, inhibiting thus our personal, relational, professional or spiritual potential for growth and creativity.

We aim at fostering the client’s psychological emancipation from habit-patterns in order to attain freedom from limiting automatic behaviours, empowering one as to their talents and potential. By becoming fully aware of our conditioned patterns embedded in our personal story-board, we can unveil hidden capacities and new wholesome responses to the challenges of life.

The Other Centred model is particularly suitable in case of addictions, anger management, impulsiveness, insecurity and in case of strongly embedded unhealthy habit-patterns resistant to change.