The goal of our coaching is mental and physical health. It provides information, understanding and the psychological tools to facilitate healthy changes. Our specialties are diet & nutrition, breathing, exercise & movement, and the mind. The goal of our Health Coaching is to enable our clients to effectively hold the reins of their health, to regain it and consolidate it through real, doable information and the acquisition of the necessary skills with a view to self-care.

Whether your issue concerns your physical health or your feelings and emotions, you will learn the know-how to empower yourself and to rectify the dysfunctions of your concern by yourself.

Psychologically we work by fostering and release your capacities, strength and motivation to make wholesome change in your life come true.

The goal is to heighten your capacity to notice the subtle habit-patterns that affect you and your actions; To learn the necessary skills to distance yourself and to disown your unskillful habit-patterns; To re-write your own life story-board based on a new you towards satisfaction and self-appreciation.